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  • 2018 Toyota AQUA

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Comment Highlights (109)

  • May 2024
    Very quiet, easy to drive and comfortable.
    —Anthony B - 2018 Toyota Aqua S
  • Apr 2024
    Efficient on fuel, good drive in the town. Compact and stylish.
    —Jairao K - 2018 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Apr 2024
    It has many features to comfortable drive and good fuel cost. I would recommend this car to drive in the city or short trip.
    —Kunihito U - 2018 Toyota Aqua S Push Start
  • Apr 2024
    Toyota Aqua is an excellent small car.This is our first hybrid car and is very fuel efficient & smooth running vehicle. Very happy with low mileage.
    —Mitesh D - 2018 Toyota Aqua S
  • Apr 2024
    Best car I’ve had. I drive five times a week to and from work and the fuel efficiency is next level great.
    —Jacqueline H - 2018 Toyota AQUA S
  • Mar 2024
    Goes well very economical, looks good and has the features you require
    —Geoffrey B - 2018 Toyota Aqua 1.5L NewFace Hybrid 3YearWarrantyFree
  • Mar 2024
    Cheap running car
    —Jashween S - 2018 Toyota Aqua L Prius C Hybrid
  • Mar 2024
    Really good for fuel economy(hybrid).
    —ST PIERRES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED - 2018 Toyota Aqua 1.5L 3rd Gen
  • Mar 2024
    I knew this vehicle met my needs, being reliable, economical and spacious with plenty of boot space.
    —Evolve Hypnosis Limited - 2018 Toyota Aqua Crossover
  • Feb 2024
    I love my GR Toyota Aqua!! The GR bucket seats are so comfortable and all the GR racing gear through out the interior and exterior are amazing!! I love the sport look!! I have had so many compliments from people who don't even like Toyota Aqua but love my car!! It's so cheap to run, smooth to drive, has a cam chain and has all these other amazing features that I love!!
    —Emma M - 2018 Toyota Aqua GR SPORT
  • Feb 2024
    The reason I bought this vehicle is Toyota brand, it is a reliable vehicle and Aqua provides great fuel efficiency.
    —Young H - 2018 Toyota AQUA S / Immobiliser!
  • Feb 2024
    They're very economical and a hell of a lot cheaper than non hybrids.
    —Colleen A - 2018 Toyota Aqua L
  • Feb 2024
    2018toyota aqua hybrid is very good performance and super gas saver
    —Mark F - 2018 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Feb 2024
    A great wee car and so economical to run so far.
    —Carolyn L - 2018 Toyota Aqua 1.5lt Hybrid 'S' Edition
  • Jan 2024
    The Aqua is great and has even more modern features than I thought it would.
    —Joshua G - 2018 Toyota Aqua S Model, New Shape!
  • Jan 2024
    Great so far comfortable and nice to drive looking forward to saving on fuel
    —David T - 2018 Toyota Aqua S-Package Prius C
  • Jan 2024
    I found it is a cute. compact, beautiful in appearance suitable for my age and easy to park. Good in performance, think economical in fuel also
    —RAVI I - 2018 Toyota Aqua HYBRID
  • Jan 2024
    Nice looking small car! Very good on fuel consumption!
    —TAE-HOON H - 2018 Toyota AQUA S / Immobiliser!
  • Jan 2024
    Love the space in the Aqua, especially in the boot.
    —Suzanne B - 2018 Toyota Aqua Hybrid L New Shape
  • Jan 2024
    Good car, excellent fuel efficiency
    —KRITIKA S - 2018 Toyota AQUA -S
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